What is Chadō?

Chadō, or the Way of Tea, is a spiritual and aesthetic discipline for the refinement of oneself through the study and preparation of matcha tea.

Chadō was perfected in the 16th century by Tea Master Sen no Rikyu, the ancestor of Zabosai Sen Soshitsu XVI, the current Urasenke Grand Master.

The knowledge and wisdom accumulated over four-hundred years is contained within the movements, utensils, and surroundings of tea preparation.

Through practice and the study of Chadō, the student will gain understanding and appreciation for the Way of Tea, a celebration of everyday-life activities. To master this simple yet meaningful art of living requires much training.

Chadō from the very first, has been a moral path by which we can learn what is of real importance for human beings, and how we should live our life”
—Zabosai Sen Soshitsu XVI Urasenke Grand Master

Students of Chadō seek to train their bodies and minds through four principles: Wa-Harmony; Kei-Respect; Sei-Purity; and Jaku-Tranquility.

 Wa – Harmony  
To be in harmony with each other, Nature, and our surroundings

敬 Kei – Respect  
To respect each other and to recognize our mutual dependence

清 Sei – Purity
To strive for purity both physically and spiritually

 Jaku – Tranquility

To have peacefulness and calmness of mind