51th Hatsugama 2016
第51回 初釜

On January 10, 2016, the first tea of the year known as hatsugama (which means “first kettle”) was held at the Marina Village Conference Center’s Bayview Room located in Mission Bay, San Diego. Urasenke Tankokai San Diego Association’s Soshin Saito sensei and her students served tea with sweets and lunch boxes to 100 guests to celebrate the new year.

This Year of the Monkey, the students demonstrated nagaita-sokazari 長板総荘り and misonodana 御園棚. In nagaita-sokazari, all items are displayed on the long board called nagaita 長板. Nagaita is the same shape and size with the bottom board of daisu 台子 shelf unit.

2016年1月10日、ミッションベイのマリーナビレッジにて、初釜を開催しました。裏千家淡交会サンディエゴ協の斎藤宗芯 はじめ全生徒が、約100名のお客様みなさまに一碗のお茶を差し上げました。